Convene Your Colleagues

Instead of trying to organize your volunteers and processes around scattered tools, get everything you need in one place that enables you to craft engaging content, coordinate communication channels and execute campaigns that convene HR professionals.


Content Creation
Professional designed content that HR professionals crave combined with timely distribution into media channels that makes it impossible for them to miss.

Communication Hub
Combine all communication mechanisms into an integrated system that streamlines the syndication of your content.

Campaign Management
Coordinate all marketing for events, membership and sponsorship initiatives.


Lets Bring it Together

  • Eliminiate wasted time and effort in manually coordinating campaigns and reporting
  • Gain insight into the engagement of your entire constituency to better understand the most effective communication for your audience
  • Illustrative reporting of trends such as the status of your membership or attendance for all events
  • Attractively designed landing pages across all devices, add forms optimized for completion in one click
  • SEO-friendly with integrated website content, customer and design management system
  • Leverage content through consistent syndication to social media channels
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