The Board's Best Friend

Executive support for busy professionals empowering them to ignore the noise, management for the minutiae and conquer the critical for the SHRM council and chapters they lead.

SHRM Standards

The SHRM Affiliate Program for Excellence (SHAPE) defines the requirement for remaining in good standing and determines the basis for receiving financial support program for operations.

Essential annual standard requirements include:

1.  SHRM SHAPE due January 31st

2.  CLIF Report due December 1st

3.  Membership Audit Report

4.  SHRM Chapter Leadership Areas

5.  Financial Audit (if requested by SHRM)

Relax Provides


Executive management experience with SHRM Standards and Nonprofit Governance best-practices.


For the SHRM’s Core Leadership Areas for volunteers, chapter management professionals and vendors.

Supported by a simply management system to ensure no detail is ommitted and all deadlines met.

System for Success

  • Live Chat capabilities (think Instant Messaging) to keep communication flowing with your team to get things done
  • Message Board to keep the conversation about a specific topic together and in one place
  • To-Do's for the team to get board business done without having to remind people
  • Corporate Calendars display events and any dated to-dos
  • Check-in such as, "what are you working on this week?" completely automated, just set the periodic reminder once and it runs forever.
  • Resources for conveniently share documents, files, and images with your team
  • Reports cut across every project and summarize key activity whenever you need it.

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